An Abovo Wood floor brings a distinctive ambience to your home or office, by bringing the beauty of nature inside. It enhances everything about a room. Whatever mood you’re trying to create in that room… it all starts with the floor. And nothing helps create that mood like Abovo hardwood floors.

Lifetime Warranty

You’ll be enjoying your floor for decades… and you’re covered for any defects.

Advanced crafting

Our products are unique, because our crafting process is advanced. We have a state-of-the-art, modern plant with European-made machinery.

Northern Europe lumber

We use lumber only from the forests of Northern Europe. It’s the highest-quality lumber we’ve found… with strength, durability, and very unique grains and patterns.

Quality Control

Your new floor will be inspected at several points during the production process. And it won’t leave our factory without a final inspection for safety and defects.

We believe in an educated consumer

We’ll thoroughly explain every step in the process. And we’ll answer every question you have.

We use artisans, not “workers”

You can buy technology. But you can’t buy skill, knowledge and experience. We hire craftspeople and artisans to create our floors. And they take the time to do it right.